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Norman Graham

Norman was born on a naval hospital base in the sixty's to a military family. However, during the tumultuous late 60's (Viet-Nam), Norman was thrown into the North Carolina Children's Home Society. After some drama, Norman was adopted by an older WWII veteran (All of his uncles died in WWII).
      After getting his first degree, Norman worked as a CAD/CAM draftsman for Bell Labs. However, Norman decided to get an engineering degree and pursue his electrical/programming interests. He earned his BS degree from NCSU, working various part time and day labour type jobs.
      After Norman got his degree from NCSU, He worked as a C/C++ programmer for various industries and on various platforms. He has programmed for the Pharmaceutical Industry, the Banking Industry, Finance, etc. He has worked/consulted for Phoenix Call Reporting, WindSoft, Nuclear Medicine Consulting Firm, Automated Pharmaceutical Services (Neighborcare), JP Morgan Chase, Bear Stearns, Credit Suisse Asset Management, Viewpointe, AT&T. He even worked on an Indian Stock Market project (India has reformed their system). His Viewpointe projects are used by the USA Federal Reserve Banks. His current concentration is with C++ Multithreaded Unix code. He is currently unemployed, as Viewpointe has offshored all development to IBM-India. After Viewpointe, he has only done "consulting", including trivial consulting for a Texas and Alaskan Credit Union.
      In 1993, Norman Graham founded a company to do radial searches for service companies. Norman even applied for a patent. However, 1993, the desktop was the primary computer. Now, with the integration of computers (web browsers), into the cell phones, everything old is new again. As phone books move towards obsolesce, the web needs to do a better job of categorizing local services.  
      Unfortunately, as phone books move towards obsolesce, it is getting more difficult to find a LOCAL towing company, that can get you out of a dangerous situation quickly (like if you are disabled on the side of a road, and searching for a tow truck company on your cell phone). More often then not, the top google search results for a local towing company, are too far away to help you quickly. If you need help to get you out of a dangerous situation, then it's not time to endure the successfull marketing of companies 90 miles away (or more).
      When Norman was in high school, a high school friend died when she got out of her car, which was disabled on the side of the road. For this reason, and others, he developed this service site first (after he decided to re-open radial searching sites).
      Other local service searches are also in the works: electricians, plumbers, handymen, babysitters, lawn services, nursing, house cleaners, etc.
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